Sunday, November 5, 2023

Kitchen Design Modern Home, Not Just for Cooking

One role in one's house is the kitchen, there might be someone who considers it trivial about this room. with a kitchen we can do anything to meet daily needs, in the modern era kitchen also serves to unify the family during meals.
therefore it will build a house when people do not forget the kitchen design as well.
but can create fun and beauty, kitchen also has an important role is to store excess items and store food. for this reason, when creating a kitchen design house, the most important is the attention to health and safety.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rumah Minimalis Milik Artis Christina Aguilera

Pecinta minimalis, pernahkah anda melihat rumah kediaman artis dunia? nah Hari ini, saya suguhkan kepada anda rumah milik artis internasional Christina Aguilera. ternyata christina aguilera juga menyukai desain rumah minimalis.

Berikut kami tampilkan koleksi berbagai gambar, model, contoh dan desain dari rumah minimalis milik artis hollywood Christina Aguilera, semoga membantu anda dalam menetukan perencanaan Anda dalam membangun atau merenovasi sebuah rumah, semoga bermanfaat untuk Anda.

Interior Minimalis
Nampak diatas desain interior yang sangat elegan dan berkesan minimalis sangat kental. Sebuah penataan interior yang sangat bagus. Ternyata selera desain rumah artis yang satu ini cukup tinggi juga.

Friday, January 27, 2012

two-bedroom apartments

Two-bedroom apartment gives you the satisfaction of its own. if you need a place to live a less luxurious then the right choice is an apartment with 2 rooms, if you will design then choose the ingredients to suit your taste.
"apartment with two rooms are often in the interest by some of the urban, for practical all places and of course safety is assured. after all costs which released not so expensive. with the simple concept of interior design of the apartments will provide a distinctive beauty. a sophisticated design with air circulation that will add to the atmosphere was so cool to be happy.
See the picture below, may be an option for you and your family. for more memorable your occupancy.

wood design home interior

Residential interior design wood makes it look unique and attractive to the eye.
traditional concept of a true historical combines simplicity and strength with elegant style and grace-filled imagination. Stately structure, filled with equal parts light, comfort, and elegance, this wood-model substantially framed sunroom make this interior design like a magnificent palace.

Wooden classic curves designed to please the eye and ease the soul. Natural light and simple symmetry to create a peaceful space that welcomes you to relax and let go of tired. Add the benefits of superior energy efficiency and low maintenance exterior for this sunrooms and solariums.
magnificent inspiration for you to imitate.

Child Bedroom Design for Comfort

Comfort in the bedrooms of children also influence the design of the room itself. When you have to think about decorating and interior room of your child, make sure you consider that the interior decoration or it will develop good sleep habits and the baby is still comfortable to stay in the room.

Ensuring that your child sleep with Beauty and certainly too comfortable, far more important than having a bedroom full of motifs and patterns that do not have a high design value.
with interiors and design that make baby fascinated to see the bedroom of course the child will be happy and can also be made in the playground.